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Our Ohana is bursting at the seams to finally unveil our latest labor of love: the Aloha Baby Box! It's like a little slice of Hawaii, with adorable monk seals lounging by the beach and vibrant rainbows painting the sky. This stunning light blue box covered with plumeria flowers is a true masterpiece of aloha spirit.
Inside, you'll find unique treasures, including a huggable mama monk seal, a cheery aloha onesie, a cuddly blue mini baby Hanky, and a wooden sign that's double-sided and double-cute! Whether you're expecting and want to share the news with your loved ones, or you're headed to a friend's baby shower, this gift box is sure to spread joy and aloha vibes everywhere it goes! Now Live in our shop!

Onesie 9M-12M

Aloha Baby Box

SKU: Aloha Box
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